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For Secular & Christian Audiences

Can a Scientist Believe in God? - Presents a case for God, looking at the origin of the universe, the origin of life, and the intervention of God in human history.

Can a Philosopher Believe in God? - A look at four arguments, including a version of the cosmological, moral, historical, and an argument from personal experience.

Why Biological Life is covered With the Fingerprints of a Creator - Designed for science students; looks at the positive evidence for an intelligent source for the digital information contained in DNA, and compares two models in their testable, primary predictions - a Darwinian model and an intelligent design model.

Logic, Science, and a Case for the Existence of God - Overlaps substantially with the first two talks, above, but designed for an interdisciplinary audience.

A Historical Argument for the Existence of God - Focuses on two lines of evidence, the ancient Messianic prophecies and their fulfilment, and the historical resurrection of Christ.

If God Exists, Why do the Innocent Suffer? - Covers several aspects of the discussion, including how evil points to the existence of God, implications for the individual, reasons why God permits evil, and God’s solution for evil.

God, Evil, and History - How the unfolding consequences of any event make it impossible for us to tell what God should and should not permit. It also addresses the conquest of Canaan given the premise that God cannot permit evil that results in a net negative moral value over the course of history.

God, the Conquest of Canaan, and the Termination of Civilizations - A more detailed look at why, using the atheist’s own premise that God cannot permit gratuitous evil, God must end societies that become a gratuitous evil.

God and Science - Addresses the common belief that as science advances, faith retreats. The talks addresses both why science has not actually done that, as well as point out evidence from science that points to a creator.

Did Jesus Exist? - Addresses the urban myth that Jesus Christ did not actually exist, by looking at the historical evidence and why it matters.

Did the Resurrection of Jesus Actually Occur? - The historiographical evidence, as outlined by Michael Licona.

Is Jesus Christ God, or Just a Prophet? - Presenting a case from the ancient messianic prophecies, as well as the words of Jesus himself; specifically for Muslim audiences.

Do our Moral Intuitions Point to God? - How our moral intuitions point to the existence of a maximally excellent God; also deals with Euthyphro’s dilemma.

Why Christianity is Unique - Christianity is a highly unusual anomaly in the world of religions. The things that make it different provide warrant for choosing it over all the other world religions.

Which Religion is True? - Presents some suggestions for those who are looking at a variety of religions and wondering which one, if any, are true.

Is God Relevant in the 21st Century - Looks at a few reasons why God is not only relevant today, but the most important thing a person must decide upon.

Relationships: Eight Deadly Mistakes and their Solutions - Deals primarily with relationships between men and women, with the objective of providing advice toward a life-long, loving and fulfilling relationship in marriage.

Life Lessons in Leadership and Mentoring - Valuable lessons I have learned in directing national and overseas projects, and in almost 40 years of mentoring.

For Christian Audiences

Five Types of Atheists - People often have misconceptions about atheists, tending to lump them all into one. My experience, however, is that there are different kinds of atheists, and it is very helpful to understand which type you are talking to.

The Meaning of Life - Enjoying your relationship with God

Freedom: Forgiving our Debtors - How to experience freedom from bitterness, through forgiveness.

The Golden Question - Living a beautiful life: choosing God in the face of temptation

Prayer - This talk is designed for those who feel they do not do well at prayer. They will find it encouraging to practice the different types of prayer covered here.

Beautiful Mind - Some of us long for a return to the innocent mind of our childhood. Although we cannot go back in time, there is a way to cultivate a beautiful mind in the sight of God. Here are some thoughts.

Experiencing God - How to experience God and represent Him in this world: four keys.

What Does it Mean to Follow Christ? - Today, many people have their own custom Christianity, tailored to fit their own views. What does it actually mean to follow Christ, according to Christ and the Bible? This talk looks at why it is important, what Jesus said, and what the reward of true Christianity is.

Why Does God Care About What I Do in the Bedroom? - A look at why, according to the Bible, how we practice our sexuality is so important in this life, and how it affects eternity.

Spiritual Warfare - Looks at what we know about spiritual warfare, what help we have, how we can oppose the forces of wickedness, and concludes with practical, day to day applications.

Becoming Part of a Local Church - Why it may be more important now than at any other time in history.

Honouring God’s Word - There is a tendency today to make the Bible say what we want it to say, to pick and choose, and to explain away the things we do not like. This talk challenges that practice and shows why it is of the greatest importance for the true Christian to respect and honour what the Bible says.

Experiencing God in a Tangible Way - This talk focuses on the topic of thanksgiving as the key to a very real, daily experience of the presence of God.

A Thoughtful Response to Vines’ ‘God and the Gay Christian’ - Matthew Vines’ book God and the Gay Christian, contains several arguments in favour of Christian gay marriage. This talk looks at each argument, carefully summarizes it, and then analyzes it. The analysis shows that each argument has a significant problem.